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The only fine jewelry house solely dedicated to the celebration of love between you and your pet. We offer you fine jewelry to share with your pets, to celebrate their unique love, to cherish their presence forever

always precious,

always mine

Eternity Collection

Embrace Collection

With Eternity Collections the House of Amity offers you exceptional personalized jewelry: diamonds created with essence from your beloved pet’s body (fur, ashes, feathers) capturing forever his/her natural light and beauty. Each Eternity jewel is treated with the outmost reverence, we will come to you to pick up the precious essence of your pet and we will come back to deliver it personally. Contact an Amity Ambassador. 
Every love story and every commitment of love deserves a unique jewel; specially if such bond is truly unconditional, authentic and full of mutual devotion. Sharing our jewelry with our pets or making their image a beautiful masterpiece is the ultimate token of commitment. Find yours in our Embrace collection.
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