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I’ve have had pets since childhood, my first dog was Pulga –which means flea in Spanish. She was a small dog I found lost in Mexico city, we took her home with us and we called her Pulga because she was so little. I have many memories of her, although I can’t recall the very first one. The one thing I do remember is that she was so spoiled that when someone came to our door she will start barking from the garden in order to come in and join us from her little bed.

Nowadays I only have one dog, but I’d love to have more. His name is Henry, he is a blue mini Dachshund, actually, he is gray but such color is called “blue”, a peculiar definition of the color if you ask me.

I admire very much the way dogs see the world. They are happy in our company and get sad when we go away and they never scald us when we come back. The total opposite, they get happy when we come back. They live in the here and now, a skill I’d like to increase in myself.

I think dogs show their love in many different ways. For example, when I arrive home Henry brings me his toy to show it to me and makes all kinds of noises to show me his happiness; he rungs and jumps and swirls.

My favorite moment with my Henry is when I arrive home, tired, and the only thing I want to do is lay down on the couch and Henry comes and lays by my side (or on top of me) and we do nothing… other than being there, on the couch, reading or watching TV.

What I most value in Henry is that he always makes me laugh. It doesn’t matter if I’m in a bad mood, or happy, or sad... Henry is a very funny dog and he always knows how to make me smile. His legacy in my life is the countless good moments in his company.

We have lived so many good times together that I want to remember him just with that: The times he made me laugh, the times he stayed by my side when I wasn’t feeling great and all the love he’s given me.

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