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Arturo & Albert Love Story

Who are your companion animals now?

My husband and I have three dogs: an Andalusian podenco named Tadeo, a border collie named Sol and a boxer-griffon mix named Sandy.

How has their company changed you, or your perception of the world?

We don’t have any children, but our dogs give us a sense of family. It gives us a sense of purpose as well, we don’t tend to worry about little things anymore. We are not individually the most important person in our lives, we’ve got these beautiful souls to take care of.

In which ways do your pets express their love for you?

They show us their love in various ways, for example when our two smaller ones fight, over who can sit closest to us on the sofa.

What are your favorite moments with your pets?

Every moment with these creatures is precious and special; when they sit quietly by our side, or when we are all relaxing in our garden or out for a long walk in the woods.

Which of their traits do you cherish the most?

What we love most about them is that they are so responsive and easy to connect with. We both work from home and they always want to be close to us. If we’re out in the woods, my border collie and boxer-mix love running off, chasing wild animals or just exploring the territory, but when we call them they happily come back and when we arrive at a junction, they look at us to know which way to go.

What is their legacy for you?

They teach us to not waste time in things that are not important, that there are just so few things in life that really matter: good food, long walks in nature and lots of love.

Albert & Arturo

Petparents of Tadeo, Sol & Sandy

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