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Belen's Love Story

In my family the love to all animals has always been taught. We have had all kind of pets, from tiny turtles to ducks, fish, canaries, parrots… and fortunately all long-lived! My parents used to joke about having to charge our friends for their visit, since coming to our home was like a visit to the zoo. We were fully responsible taking care of each of their needs… I still have fond memories from my childhood, it was wonderful, let alone the lessons around responsibility I got to learn for life.

Currently I have Sugus, a Chihuahua, whom I call my dogchild. He is the love of my life! He is just another member of my family. We accommodate our plans to his life and needs so he can always come along wherever we go.

Having companion animals at home is more than a delight, it’s beneficial to our overall health, there are plenty studies on the subject. It’s true that they are a serious responsibility, but that’s exactly why it’s beneficial. This relationship strengthens our personal and emotional lives.

This relationship reinforces our ability to love and respect others.

I sense the love from Sugu in his sole presence, as corny as this may sound. His presence alone is pure love and tenderness. The joy he expresses when I come back home and how he senses my mood. The way he looks at me and how he tries to get my attention… it’s like all he wants is for me to be happy.

Every moment with Sugu is a favorite moment for me, even when he gets upset! He is so expressive with everything he does. We spend a lot of playtime together and those are very fun moments, also going out on walks.

For me, his most valuable trait is his sense of loyalty; his unconditional love.

I keep in my heart the presence of all those no longer with me, unfortunately their lifespan is so short… But their legacy lives with me, I’ve learned that life is better in their company. I keep each one in my heart, as a family member… even when they are no longer with me they occupy an important place in my heart.

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