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How a Pet Changed Our Lives

My mother and I brought Muffin home on a Christmas season 12 year ago, after over a year of unsuccessful arguments with my father about the importance of having a dog. Needless to say: we ruined my father’s Christmas. After the expected argument he accepted his defeat, not without swearing that he would NEVER take care of Muffin and that we were 100% responsible for the darn dog. By Valentine’s Muffin was already the love of his life. Her determination to win him over was stronger than his grumpy looks every time she approached him.

When I went to college a couple of years later I accepted the fact that Muffin was taking my place in the house. Even when I was moving to a town just 45 minutes away, my parents would send me photos of Muffin almost every day, sharing her adventures and accomplishments and every single concern they had over her life. She was so loved! I sometimes envied her. All she had to do was poop in the right place and watch TV by their side to be found extraordinary. But, at the same time I was happy to see this bond between them, now the arguments were about who would pamper her more… not the kind of arguments I witnessed over my upbringing.

When Muffin fell terminally sick I was already living a full professional life; I had traveled and dated without my parents watching my every move… and somehow I felt this was sort of a gift from Muffin, because by taking my place in their lives she had given me the freedom to discover my own place in the world.

With her diagnosis came a profound sadness, I saw my father cry like a lost child after every visit to the vet, hugging her and holding her in his arms, not accepting that the time to let her go had arrived.

Of course, we did everything we could to ease her condition, to keep her with us just a little bit longer. We were her family and we did for her what we would have done for each other… So, when we discovered Amity jewelry we were over the moon! These amazing diamonds and jewelry were what Muffin deserved… We wanted Muffin back with us as beautiful as ever.

At the meeting with the brand’s ambassador my father could barely hold back his tears as they were showing us the different jewels, but they made it so easy for us! The only hesitation was deciding over necklaces or rings.

We miss Muffin very much, but I can’t help smile every time my father shows the rings Amity created for us… there is no comparison between this and an urn for ashes.

My parents are as proud of these jewels as they were of Muffin when she was alive. We were very happy welcoming her back in such beautiful way and we will always recommend Amity.

Muffin’s family:

Susan, Joy & Sam

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