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Intuitive Jewels

Some of the wisest people in the world say that genuine life-changing events happen out of intuitive moments. Some passions and endeavors seem to choose us instead of the other way around. That has been the case with the birth of Amity Diamonds.

When a passion becomes an intention, the right path is never the easiest, most obvious, or the one taken by somebody else. There is, in fact, no well-trodden path. The way forward will reveal itself at just the right moment, and that is the only one we must follow.

It would therefore follow that every aspect of The House of Amity manifested itself naturally, as effortlessly as a ray of light breaking through the clouds. While there have certainly been challenges, the core aspects of who we are –a jewelry house, a team, a concept, creative minds, and finally jewels- were revealed to us through love.

Our single guiding light has been the unconditional bond we have with our pets. Through this relationship, we find beauty and joy, tribute and loyalty, enjoyment and depth; the ongoing source of inspiration that makes our dream a reality.

As such, it would not be fair to say that we bring you Amity Diamonds, the truth is that your path has revealed your Amity Diamond through us. The power of each twist and turn is beyond what one can dream to achieve, and the love that our pets and companion animals manifest goes beyond the strength of any one person. When allowed to take form, true love naturally gives shape to your dreams.

We often hear back about the powerful experience of holding on to an Amity jewel, how lives are transformed in such a beautiful way by jewelry that sparkles as a lasting connection with our most honest and faithful feelings. The magnitude of this experience is perhaps The House of Amity’s ultimate goal: uniting hearts that rejoice in true love and beauty.

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