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My Cat, My Buddy

I am not a man of many words, that’s why perhaps Charlie was perfect for me. He had been a stray cat and he loved solitude and silence as much as I did. My brother gave him to me when I left home and moved to another country. In the first years, as I was learning a new language and starting my first business, Charlie was my only family. As things changed and my businesses grew, and I came in and out of relationships, Charlie was the only bond that remained the same. We loved each other without any effort, without any words, without any demands. He really helped me stay connected with myself and with was really important.

As many things around my life changed, Charlie and I remained the same. Against everyone’s opinion I decided to stay in the same flat because Charlie was comfortable there and I respected that. He made me learn about loyalty and commitment and about being selfless. I can see all of this now that he is gone, but I trust that I gave him the best life any cat could have wanted.

My mother told me about Amity Diamonds and now that I can move around Charlie is coming with me. Having his pet urn has never made sense, it’s quite depressing actually… Having a ring with his essence is not only nice but the tribute he deserves. I don’t wear jewelry but I immediately loved the idea of having such special jewel.

I am sure that eventually I will have other pets but Charlie will always be MY cat, my buddy and the people at Amity really understand that. They made it easy for me and were in contact all throughout the process, I think the wait was worth it. I’m happy this choice exists.

Charlie’s dad, Gareth

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