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Our Favorite Jewel

Mirabelle was a small and very sweet Aussiedoodle who looked more like a teddy bear than a real dog. She was shy at the beginning but then would become playful and friendly with everyone she met. Her favorite place in the world was our bed, squeezed between my partner and I, being hugged all night. She was pampered and loved by all our friends… it was impossible not to love her, I think she was the kindest and sweetest person I’ve ever met. To us she was a person, our baby.

Things became very tough when she got old, her hips failed her and we had to carry her in our walks but we didn’t mind. Mirabelle loved the outdoors and besides our large garden she enjoyed long walks in the mountains, so even when she couldn’t walk we did our best to take her on the weekends.

We think is impossible to replace a pet that you have loved so much. We know that we’ll always have a place for Mirabelle in our hearts when we eventually decide to have another dog, but for now we’ll have to wait. Our house if filled still with her presence and we talk about her all the time, I think we want to wait before we open our hearts to another pet.

We love the necklace Amity Diamonds made for us, now we can carry Mirabelle with us in a very special and beautiful way. We are very happy with the decision and with the result, the people at Amity are incredibly sweet and we felt very comfortable throughout the whole process. It’s the best thing we could do after the beautiful life we shared with our sweet baby.

Sophie and Fab

Mirabelle’s Moms

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