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Our Pets’ World

Time shared with our dear companion animals tends to be spent in our natural spaces: our homes and sofas, our cars and kitchens; we place our pets in our beds, our chairs, our desks. We mold them into our lifestyles: giving them dog beds, cat towers, pet products that reflect who we are. They become family the moment they enter the structure of our human environments.

But, what happens to us when we enter theirs? Who do we become? What happens at the core of our being when we step barefoot on the grass? Which chambers behind our senses open up when we feel the full wind on our face? When we curiously sniff the breeze of the ocean? When we allow ourselves to run wild just for the fun of it?

The magic of our connection with our pets relies on becoming their family members as well. To let the untamed, innocent and limitless animal inside ourselves be connected with nature. Pets and horses give us this opportunity. They take us to the experience we once inhabited. We are transformed when we are out in the open space, looking at the world with our senses fully awakened.

It always amazed me how my dogs ran to the window every morning as if it was the first time. To me the street below was the same, the people passing by were the same, to me there was nothing new to discover; but my dogs were eager to see it all as new. Their perky ears and wise noses trying to detect the familiar as if it was new, exciting and different. That is the sparkle we enjoy when we detach ourselves from the constrictions of our modern human life. Much benefit would come if we let our beloved pets guide us and teach us how to live life like the first time.

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