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Pet Love is Renewal

Renewal is at life’s core. Chains of events marking the rhythms of cycles and seasons have remained unchanged by time: flowers bloom into fruit, perished fruit falls to casts its seeds, snow blankets the ground, spring arrives, and with it buds sprout and grow. The power of life relies on its continuity, and such continuity is sustained by renewal.

The same goes for whole industries and disciplines. Despite minor variations, many things remain quite the same until something revolutionary sparks a change throughout the industry or discipline, and new flowers reach upward in a whole new direction.

This is the vital force that drives the House of Amity: marrying the relationship we have with our pets

with a desire for fine, meaningful jewelry. With unapologetic elegance, we stand to raise on high these truly unconditional relationships that may go unspoken and overlooked.

Throughout time, the diligent work of fine craftsmanship has created magnificent pieces of jewelry.

In the name of protocol, kings and queens have commissioned magnificent rings, broches, bracelets, necklaces, and crowns for intimate personal celebrations. Now, our arrival sparks the creation of masterpieces in the name of this unconditional love... One whose importance reaches beyond ourselves.

Anatole France rightfully said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

It takes a simple glance around to bear witness to our collective soul’s struggle to awaken, to see how grave global issues can result from our restrained capacity for love. Yet we need just look to our dogs, cats, horses, and other companion animals to understand wherein lays the key.

Each one of us is on a personal journey: to awaken our soul, bring beauty and joy to the world, and unlock the potential of loving unapologetically.

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