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Pets and the City

The only flaw pets have is that they live such short lives.” This is a quote from a friend, in a moment when she was mourning the passing of her beloved dog.

In a moment in history, when we are breaking laws of nature through technology at a rate never seen before, a deeper appreciation of brevity and transiency can provide an opportunity to slow down and smell the roses (or, is it “the wet dog?”)

City life, particularly, swoops us around and throws us into living at the speed of light: the light from our phone, our computer or the latest news alert. The fortune of living with our beloved cats, dogs and other pets is that their rhythms and existence are more in tune with the speed of life.

This observation is important because with the ability to stop comes gratitude, everything around us can suddenly be seen as the privileges they truly are, to be contemplated and absorbed in their full meaning.

We don't think of our pets as “beings living their own lives” often enough. Their approach to food, toys or spaces –as many times repeated and familiar- holds the hidden wisdom to discover appreciation and connection. If we stop and see them as individuals, inviting ourselves to sit down and learn from them, we can perhaps find hints on how to adapt to our modern circumstances keeping in sight the real value of time.

Indeed, if there is anything we can blame our pets for is for not staying with us long enough. Such is the power of an Amity piece: they are more than fun or beautiful jewelry, they remind us of the precious time spent with our beloved pets, the moments shared and forever cherished.

Love has the wonderful magic of making time look as the precious resource it is, and the love for our pets holds such charm in every interaction. Their lives are short, but filled with so much joy and wisdom. Let’s -with love, remember that more often.

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