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Sharing Beauty

Much has been said about what makes something beautiful. Opinions on aesthetics vary culture to culture from minimalist to opulent, yet real beauty runs deeper than what one’s senses can perceive, esteem, or experience.

True beauty is a spiritual matter, linked to the fragility of time. True beauty is fluid, insomuch as its value merely grows and consolidates when shared.

This is the joy of an Amity jewel: sharing beauty with the same unabashed elation of irreplaceable moments spent with our beloved pets. Walks in the park or strolls by the beach become eternal; naps on the couch and cherished car trips shimmer in our memory with the beauty of a necklace or ring.

Science has recently confirmed what we animal lovers have known since time eternal: there are serious benefits to sharing cute videos where adorable animals do adorable things. Indeed, they have been scientifically proven to positively impact our mental health, but we could have told them that!

Our relationships with our pets flourish every time we share: our food, beds, and spaces; our thoughts and joys, fears and secrets. We have all found ourselves talking to our companion animals, asking them questions or sharing our deepest thoughts, and some of us even trust in their knowing judgments made about other people! This relationship blooms because, most certainly, sharing what we think and feel is a nourishing part of our healthy existence.

In the name of this selfless beauty, we hope to continue sharing our mission while you keep sharing in the joys of your dazzling Amity jewel. As you keep sharing each wonderous new experience with your beloved pet, so too keep sharing those fleeting moments that will forever stay in your heart. Oh, and keep sharing all those cute photos and videos, it’s in the name of a healthy world after all!

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