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The Power of Love Jewelry

Not long ago I watched a documentary about love. It showed the different relationships a human being is capable of building in a lifetime, including our roles as children, parents, friends, and lovers. Yet it struck me that our relationships with our pets were not taken into consideration. Until recently, these relationships have been deemed a secondary token of our everyday routine; only eccentrics or loners would lend these relationships a central role.

It is somewhat unsurprising that such a misinterpretation should prevail, as part of becoming the dominant species has meant forgetting our nature and separating ourselves from other living beings. We created an ‘other’ from which to distinguish ourselves, labelling them ‘animals’ while conveniently overlooking our meeting the term’s criteria.

Throughout centuries, those other animals have served as products to be consumed, used, or abused… inspiring us to create art and technology, at best. Yet, our mere survival as a species is thanks to the bond we have forged with them. This symbiotic relationship is particularly true with dogs. In their infinite wisdom, our ancestors depended on this mutual connection to overcome their acknowledged fragility: a lack of fangs and speed.

So how did they accomplish this? How were dogs integrated into essential aspects of their daily lives? Could it have been a cold exchange of food for dutiful service? No, I believe there must have been something more. There must have been tenderness, care, and love. There must have been cherished moments looking into each other’s eyes, and not just because dogs’ eyes reflect the world with such tenderness, but because we too are animals that need love.

Thinking back on our ancestors, it is clear to me that dogs understood this mutual yearning for a deeper connection, and they accepted us as we were, despite our sluggish gallop and fangless mouths. While true that our ancestors survived by dint of resourcefulness and clever wit, our canine friends have an innate understanding of love from which we continue to learn. Perhaps it is the power of their love that saved us as a species, a conclusion I suspect science will eventually reach.

Amity takes the power of that mutual admiration and places it at center stage with love jewelry: crafted as a bracelet, necklace, or ring. These masterpieces are not for eccentrics or loners, but rather –just as our ancestors– those whose hearts trust deeply in this powerful bond. Their patience and love saved us then, and it continues to save us now.

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