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A Fancy Rabbit

The first thing I did when I moved out of my parents’ home was to get a rabbit. I originally wanted a dog, but my schedule is still quite crazy and friends are more available to petsit for a rabbit than to commit to caring for a dog.

I’m lucky to have found a very happy rabbit, I named him Gaga. He is a very handsome rabbit, he is funny too. It actually took only a few days for us to understand each other.

After gathering everything he’ll need to have a comfortable living I soon discovered that unlike dogs and cats, who can enjoy fancy accessories, there’s not much for rabbits.

I love jewelry and when a friend told me about Amity Diamonds I knew I’d love it too. I received my Embrace necklace today and can’t wait to put the tag on Gaga and the necklace on me. I love the idea of being together when Gaga is no longer here, I think is a very special jewel and now Gaga is a very fancy rabbit. Thanks Amity!

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