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My Jewel Forever

I am a vet and as a vet I’ve met all kinds of animals. I am also a pet owner and have had cats, dogs and rabbits all my life. But then I met Sophie. She was the happiest, most energetic mutt I’ve ever seen. She was put up for adoption because her behavior was too much to handle: she would jump and run and tear and break everything in her way.

I can say it was love at first sight for both of us. I remember her wet nose and fuzzy ears bumping unto my legs the moment we met and when she came home she immediately took into her heart the rest of the gang.

We became so close that she soon began traveling with me: to far away cities, to towns in the middle of mountains, to the desert, to rural areas… She was always patient and quiet, waiting for me in the car, in hotels, outside homes or clinics. She was never impatient while waiting, as if she knew mommy was working and needed her collaboration… I even called her “my assistant”.. and no matter how my day was she always welcomed me with her big happy eyes, reassuring me.

For many years, no matter what happened, I had the confidence that Sophie was waiting for me and everything would be fine. And then I lost her… and I couldn’t bare the thought of not having her by my side.

When I learned about Amity I immediately knew Sophie would be back home, shinning and sparkling as the beautiful jewel she was. She is always in my mind and now she is physically close to my heart again, in a delicate pendant.

I am very happy for having found Amity, thanks to them my Sophie will always be with me. Thanks forever.

Sophie’s mom, Angela

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